Interview with the woman who cured her depression

Questions: Ivan Pernar

Translation: Sara Zupan


  • Can you introduce yourself briefly?

My name is Marina Tešić (Telegram profile | FB profile), I’m 37 years old, I work in computer science and I’m from Trogir.

  • You’ve been on antidepressants for the last 10 years, can you tell us how you started them, how much they were helpful to you, and how did you stop taking them?

Yes, I’ve been on antidepressants for 10 years. It started by having an extremely stressful situation in my life that I couldn’t face, and which, as we say, threw me off the hook. It started with panic attacks and depression.

And of course my mother was afraid I was going to lose my job (but not my health), so she took me to a psychiatrist because I was visibly ill. Antidepressants helped me at the beginning, but eventually they lose influence, you remember some things from the past and you get sick again. Therefore, they give you other pills or increase the dose or add more pills. Then you remember the past again, and then you increase the dose again, etc. You’re fine for a while. All sorts of things are happening.

If I had stopped taking the pills earlier… I had also experimented or forgot to order on time, for example. And it happened that over the weekend without the pills, the symptoms of depression began to appear slowly, after half a day, and after a day I was already on edge with nerves. Without the pills, I was too nervous and aggressive. I was so nervous, I thought I was going to jump out of my skin. I wanted to scream or hit something to calm my nerves… I think if I stopped taking the pills and didn’t take iodine, I could kill somebody. I was so far down. I was missing iodine.

They assured me that the cause of my depression was brain chemistry and that psychiatrists used their “medications” to correct it. I thought I was a weak person because they told me so: it’s because of you, you’re weak, that’s in your head… Today I know that depression is not a natural condition and that it can’t be corrected with pills, but I did not know that the problem is in the lack of iodine. I researched online which nutrients could be a problem if lacking, but among the hits were always vitamin B, vitamin D, tryptophan… I think depression is really the result of iodine deficiency, because now I’m taking iodine instead of pills and I’m better off without pills. I’m just sorry I didn’t know that before.

I found out that psychiatrists just sit you down, paralyze you, literally make you a zombie. Now that I’m not on my pills, I’ve basically realized that I’ve been “treated” for depression in this way, that they’ve blocked my brain’s emotion center. I wasn’t sad, but I couldn’t even laugh honestly.

Since I’ve been taking iodine, there’s no more depression or aggression, positive emotions have returned, I can laugh again and I’m really looking forward to it. That’s why I’m saying I’m better off with iodine than when I was taking a bunch of pills.

  • How did you get to my channel?

In a strange way, actually. I was thinking about my child, who is autistic, there’s a heavy metal problem in the case of autism, and I came up with a thesis about the amalgam… I talked to a woman about it, and she told me I was talking like Pernar. That’s why I started following you because I heard you wrote a book about amalgam and autism.

  • To what extent my work has helped you understand your condition and the condition of your child?

It helped me understand what is essentially behind autism, although I can’t say that the book is just about autism, because it was written in the form of a diary and you also wrote about your thinking, what you were researching online, etc., as well as dead teeth and amalgam.

I didn’t understand how a newborn can have heavy metal. From where? I first realised that this had to do with vaccines because I had my child vaccinated and after MMR (a measles, rubella and mumps vaccine) he had a strong regression – he stopped eating many types of food. His speech also deteriorated, but I realized that there were some problems before that, and that’s when I came to the thesis with the amalgam.

Knowing how toxic mercury is and how degeneratively it can affect the brain, I would never have it in my mouth again. Especially now that I know I had it in my pregnancy and that mercury has a very bad effect on brain development in pregnancy and later in a young child. I was poisoning my own child.

That’s why I had it removed a few months ago. He’s my first child, and if I wanted to have another one, I’d be crazy to keep it in my mouth. I knew that if I wanted to have more children and be healthy, I had to take it out. I think both mercury poisoning and iodine deficiency can cause depression.

  • Why psychiatrists don’t suspect mercury poisoning or iodine deficiency before they give patients a whole handful of pills?

Psychiatrists can’t even think about mercury and iodine deficiency, because they don’t really care about the cause, they’re not there to cure us, they’re there to “treat” us. Traditional medicine does not treat the cause of the disease, but the consequences. This ensures them that they have patients forever, because the patient never heals.

It is in their interest to treat people for life, not to cure them, because this would leave them without patients and benefits.

  • Why do people trust them?

For the same reason they trust dentists and other doctors. They think they’re there to save people and that they’re doing it out of love for humanity. Psychiatrists have never cured anyone.

  • What’s your opinion of them?

Psychiatrists don’t treat anything. They give pills and cover up the disease or treat the consequences, not the cause. The cause always remains, and that’s why the person is on the pills his whole life.

I don’t think they care about patients and their health, because if they did, then their patients would be cured, but that’s not the case.

  • What did your escape from psychiatry look like?

I followed you on Telegram. We were texting each other, and I asked you something about your book and candidiasis, and at one point I mentioned that I was taking antidepressants, and you told me to start taking iodine immediately and stop taking the pills. I trusted you, so I did it. Thanks to this decision, I have come out of a vicious circle in which I have been spinning for 10 years!

  • If that’s the case, it means I cured you of your depression. If you were ever called to the police or court, would you testify that I cured you and invite all the people in front of the public to remove their amalgam and start taking iodine if they wanted to heal like you?

Yes, of course, but I’d also invite them to visit your channel to learn a few other things and to be contacted if they need help. Telling the truth is no problem to me. Even if everyone’s against me.

  • What do you think the main difference between me and your shrinks is?

You really care about people, or you don’t have the financial benefit of me, like the shrinks did. You’re going to help me because you’re not going to lose money.

You know a lot and you’re interested in a whole person, not just some particular problem. You’re looking for the cause of the disease, and you always ask a person about his teeth first, this is your starting point. You answer messages and help if you get asked. You’re even too nice to people you don’t know. You have a very friendly approach, there are no formalities with you.

I would just like to mention one more important detail. The psychiatrists talked to me a lot about the problems in which I saw the cause of my depressive condition. You eliminated it by removing the amalgam and giving iodine without a single conversation about why I felt depressed. You weren’t even interested in my life circumstances, you just told me to start taking iodine, and we’d talk later.

I wish I could take back the time I talked to them!

Author’s comment (IP): In all the cases of depression I have encountered, I have always cured it with the most ordinary iodine, and the depressed mood to the surprise of the depressed disappeared overnight. Unfortunately, only Marina was willing to share her experience publicly.

What is common to all the depressed people is that they think that the cause of their depressed mood is in some of their life circumstances. For example, one woman thought it was the death of her brother, another complained that she, I quote, is “missing a cock”, in short, everyone has a different explanation why he or she is depressed, and no one knows that the real cause is in iodine deprivation.

A psychiatrist would talk to the first of these women for hours about her brother, who is no longer among the living, with the second about her sexual frustrations, but even if the former could bring her brother back to life, and the second would get what she thinks she lacks, they’d both still be depressed and unhappy, but of course they don’t realize it!

I know these tricks, so I never get into this psychological story again, which is actually just selling fog and wasting time.

However, in the case of bipolar disorder, in which the depressive condition is not a permanent mood, but occurs and disappears suddenly, iodine will not help.


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